1. At Johnny's Bistro -It really was one of the most elegant places to eat in town.
  2. With Frank Morgan.
  3. With the great songwriter and pianist Jimmy Webb.
  4. With Ricci Martin, Dean’s son.
  5. Recording session at Suma for Holiday CD on 90 degree day in August.
  6. A rare McCoy Tyner show I attended in Cleveland. I'll never forget shaking his hand. They were huge hands.
  7. Basketball Hall of Fame gig with the great Jerry Lucas.
  8. Me with Wilt Chamberlain - greatest all-around basketball player.
  9. James Worthy and me - He was known for his fast break in the NBA.
  10. I finally made it to Severance Hall! Backing Italian singer Renato Renzzi. Got the call that morning and had about 1 hour to learn his show. It was stressful but it came off quite well.
  11. At the infamous Theatrical, where Cleveland's high society mixed with gangsters. I would love to have been around there in the 40s and 50s. Some of the greatest pianists worked there.
  12. This article appeared in the Pittsburgh Tribune while I worked as a Nordstrom pianist. It was a great job that I held down for 7 years. I didn't have to quit my day job. Click article to read.
  13. This photo was taken on 9/6/90 of myself with the then mayor Anthony Sinagra. This was a special day because it was declared to be "Cliff Habian" day in the city of Lakewood.
  14. Witnessing a private recording at Severance Hall. Ideastream was there recording the Cleveland Orchestra with Yefim Bronfman performing the Brahms 1st piano concerto.
  15. Playing and singing Happy Birthday to Hal Holbrook late Saturday night at Johnny's Downtown.
  16. With Bobby Vinton after our show at the Rocksino
  17. A sketch done of myself while I was playing on the Piazza at Menorah Park, by artist Ralph Solonitz.
  18. Backing up for Wayne Newton at the Rocksino!
  19. With Geraldo Riveria at Club Isabella.
  20. With Greg Abate at Nightown.
  21. My publisher, the renowned Jamey Aebersold.​
  22. With international renowned pianist and prize winner Yaron Kohlberg. We played for each other that evening - what fun!
  23. With Bob James, one of my many keyboard influences.
  24. With renowned Chinese concert pianist Lang Lang.
  25. My composition entitled "Merlin" was cited in this literary work which was published in 2002 by McFarland never knows how far reaching the ripples go.
  26. This is a jazz import album which I discovered by accident. It was pressed in West Germany and is a compilation of various artists on the Fantasy Record Label. Well now I can say that I share an album with Sonny Rollins, Jimmy McGriff and others.
  27. This letter from Chick Corea (circa 1982) has always been dear to me. I had dedicated a composition to him and also gave him a Bud Powell T-shirt and he responded with this beautiful note which is pure class!
  28. I was probably close to 30 when this promo shot for Milestone/Fantasy Records was taken. The joy and excitement of my first record deal is written all over my face!

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